October 1st, 2012 around 6:32pm
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16:00 Run on a Monday Afternoon.
4.54mi. 00:41:00.14 
Attempted time: 00:41:00.00 SUCCESS!
Weather: Sunny/light breeze, mid 70s.
Notes: Minimal to accomodate the weather. Much easier to run with pose; attempted to run as I normally had before—very difficult. With pose, I simply felt like I was falling onto my next step, just as Sir had described it (I think I got the hang of it; I’m actually walking like that too, else I’d feel my knee pain). Paced exactly what I had anticipated; no change in pacing throughout the whole run, possibly a few speed adjustments here and there to adjust to walkers. Not once did I check the time during the run until I had to stop my timer. Calves, quads, and hammys got a great workout. Just two weeks to go!

September 23rd, 2012 around 12:41pm
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08:00am Run on a Sunday Morning.
4.54mi. 00:39:43.00 
Attempted time: 00:42:00.00 
Weather: Cloudy, low 50s.
Notes: Switched it up. Tried to alter my running form to run only on my toes and maintain a slower pace. Attempted a pacing run, establishing a time and running to reach that time (slower to pace more) via insight from Sir.

This run really boosted my mentality. For weeks, I was down in the dumps because I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to my marathon. I thought that the pain in my left leg was serious, but in fact, it’s normal and I can still run with it. Talking it out with Sir and hearing all about how to adapt and cope with this pain (I’ll no more refer to it as an injury) really motivated me to try and run more, though I’ll do it cautiously with plenty of quality time with my foam roller. Unintentionally, he’s become a coaching figure for me, as I’ve really been looking for someone local I could go to for fitness help (considering the people I usually went to are 500 miles away now). It may be kind of late in the game for getting help on my running, but if it helps me, I’ve no reason to neglect the advice.

Though I wish you wouldn’t waltz back into my life as easily as you did, thanks for motivating me. ♡

September 21st, 2012 around 6:20pm
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Total Run: 5.25mi
Total Time: 00:44:02.36
Weather: Sunny/Breezy, mid 60s.

Timed Lake Run: 00:38:06.00
Lake Distance: 4.54mi, counter-clockwise loop.
Notes: Subtle l.knee and hamstring pain at beginning of run. Sharp LUQ pain at 3mi-mark. Slight r.ankle pain at the finish. Ah, I recall outrunning some guy from RippleEffectDB after the Brotherhood Way hill.

It’s been nearly a month since I last was able to run. Fearful, was I, of breaking myself completely, that I forbade myself from running so as to be able to recover. But today, I just thought, “Screw that.” I have less than a month, and I know I’m nowhere near prepared. This isn’t a goal to become more fit; this is my goal to prove to myself that my mentality can really drive my ambitions—that I can really do anything as long as I stay focused.
After running those 5 miles, I finally felt my runner’s high again. Never before would I say “I like to run;” I used to run just because I didn’t know what else to do to workout. Now, I really do enjoy running, only because while I run, I can really fade out my stresses and just listen to and pace my breathing. While running, the only thing I’m competing against is time—every run, I strive to beat or, at least, maintain my previous times. This month, I’m really going to push myself to the limit, much more physically than mentally. I’m just praying that I won’t run myself to my end by the finale of these three weeks. I’m mentally preparing myself, for the unfortunate possibility, for this may be my final month that I’ll be physically capable of running.

On another note, SHUCKS, I want to paddle.

August 29th, 2012 around 6:44pm
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For my knee to heal. It’s almost been three weeks since I’ve had to sit out from running or working out (much), and I won’t wait anymore. I’ve got to get back into it now, even if it kills me, though little by little.

2-mile run: 00:15:11.57 
Weather: mid 70s, sunny/barely any breeze.
Notes: Left knee still slightly hurt, but mentally had to overpower it. Felt really good to finally be back out in my running clothes at the lake and in the beautiful sun.

Post-run mini workout @the low parallel bars:

  • 10 leg lifts x 3
  • 10 “pull ups” x 3 (reverse push up with the bar, essentially)
  • 10 bar push ups x 3
August 9th, 2012 around 8:29pm
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4.54mi. 00:35:26.01

Weather: cloudy, low 60s.
Note: Consistent pace, maintained kick throughout piece. Multiple consecutive cramps throughout the latter half of the loop. New PR!!
Thanks, Awkward Hugger, for coming out to run with me and helping me PR by nearly 2 whole minutes!

August 8th, 2012 around 8:22pm
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4.54mi. 00:38:13.12 

Weather: Sunny/windy, low 60s.
Note: Running off my day’s worth of frustration and fatigue. Light-headedness kicked in after the final sprint. Maintained a comfortable rate and kept the back kicks high.

July 6th, 2012 around 10:43pm
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20.25mi. 03:45:58.94 

Weather: Sunny/breezy, mid 60s.
Route: Double Lake loop, Great Highway, Cliff House, Outer Richmond, Fulton, GGP, Outer Sunset.
Note: Relatively easy pace. Lower left lobe clinched for a bit by mi7. Successive leg cramping after mi14. Right ankle pain after mi18. Time adjusted for lights, stretching, etc. Wearing a visor helped a lot.

Overall, I felt great throughout my run. Mentally, I could go on forever, but my legs gave out on me…plus it was past dinner time when I returned home.

June 22nd, 2012 around 2:29pm
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Timed mile runs with 30-second breaks.

Mile 1: 00:08:06
Mile 2: 00:08:01 
Mile 3: 00:08:08 
Mile 4: 00:08:11

Weather: Sunny/slightly breezy, mid 50s.
Note: incrementally increasing pain in right ankle throughout each set.

*Was supposed to be posted on Wednesday, June 20th*

June 1st, 2012 around 7:48pm
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Timed mile runs w/ 2min break in between:
Mile 1: 7:56 
Mile 2: 8:11

Land practice with Blazing, focusing mainly on core workouts. Ended early so continued to do a maintenance run.

4.54mi. 00:39:30.38. Counter-clockwise maintenance run, starting/ending at Harding Rd.
Weather: Sunny/windy, high 50s.
Note: slight pain in the right shin, slightly fatigued from the mile runs and land practice.

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